B. Ravindran is a distinguished author of many Tax Law books. He is an eminent Advocate and Tax Consultant practising under the firm ‘ Ravi & Associates’. Sales Tax is the core area of interest, specialisation and consultancy.
    He has penned many books on Tax matters such as ‘ A Practice manual on Service Tax’ , ‘Law of Sales Tax in Karnataka’ , ‘ Partnership Act with Karnataka Rules’, ‘ Karnataka Entry Tax Act and Rules’, ‘ The Karnataka Tax on Professions, Traders, Callings and Employment Act, 1976 & Rules 1976’.
    These books are a testimony to his rich experience in his field – Taxation. His books are well received for his inimitable and simple style. His experience in his profession has stood him in good stead as an Author.

    An excerpt from newspaper ‘The Hindu’ :

    He is a different kind of author; his boks are utilitarian. He was just 28 when he went to a publisher and explianed his plans to write a book. The publisher, who was initially a bit sceptical doubting his writing skills, gave him the opportunity. The book is not a novel to entertain eaders, but to enlighten professionals connected with sales tax and those in buisness.
    This is how B. Ravindran , an enthusiastic young lawyer and tax consultant of Bangalore, became the author of his first book on sales tax. That was published in 1992 and now he is an author of 23 books connected wtih taxation laws.

    The books he has written with a professional’s eye for detail and lucidity. The 17th edition of his Karanataka Commercial Taxes Ready Reckoner brought out recently tells the success story of his writings on taxation “ I am committed to bringing out the ready reckoner every year within 15 days from the day the State Budget is presented with all the changes. My effort is to reduce the confusion faced by chartered accountants, advocates, traders and assesses on tax related matters after every budget”, Mr Ravindran says.

    Do books on commercial taxes help the common man in any way? Yes, he says. The consumer can get full knowledge about sales charged on various merchandise and know whether he is being overcharged.

    His books on taxation are available in all the leading retail book store sellers all across the state of Karnataka.